Experience matters. We didn't just start working in futures. Changeist builds on a 10-year track record, and over 15 years’ experience in futures to our work (30+ if we stack it all up). Behind this stands an additional decade in researching and forecasting at the convergence of human behaviour and technological change.

Process only gets you part of the way. We bring the collective benefit of this experience, knowledge, and delivery beyond expectations together with an openness to experimentation, and an ability to balance the sufficiently structured approach with a fluid mindset.

Earning trust is critical to exploration. We've partnered with the largest brands, most adventurous cultural institutions and forward thinking public bodies to materialise new future pathways—from rigorous research right through to emotional impact.

Imagining better requires more than one mindset. We blend the skills of strategists, designers, writers, curators, producers and researchers to employ a critical lens and express new insights into both dark possibility and brilliant potential. 

The future should be inclusive. Most importantly, we make it our ongoing mission to open our knowledge, skills, and experiences to others, and theirs to us. We work to broaden the spectrum of diverse voices and insights that enable us to imagine other futures.

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Image: Christian Klant

Image: Christian Klant