What Are Blogs For?

If you're reading this, you're most likely on our newly updated Web home. In recent years, we spent much more time on other platforms, like Twitter, Medium, and newsletters, and less and less here. With our new identity and new home in Amsterdam's A-Lab, now seemed like a good time to give the site a new coat of paint and clear out some extraneous content.

One element impacted by this is the Blog, for which our posts slowed considerably in recent times. With the new site, we're moving to more of an archive approach, not ditching a decade of writing, but not giving it quite as much room. We'll post here when we have company updates, but most new writing will go to Phase Change, our Medium publication. This strategy is only as good as Medium's ability to hold up their end of the deal, of course, but we'll see where we get. 

In the meantime, enjoy reading through the past of the future, and feel free to give feedback on the new site look and feel.