Dubai Future Design


I recently recapped the inaugural session of the Future Design Diploma course Changeist created and is delivering throughout 2017 at the Dubai Future Academy. We are currently in the midst of our second of five two-week courses, each with a different professional cohort participating. Each comes with its own interesting mix of issues, perspectives on challenges facing Dubai and those who live here. We aim to build capacity to apply futures methods and mindsets here, and to learn more about the different views, hopes and fears for the future felt here. 

An excerpt: 

"Every society sees plausiblepreferable and possible differently, and defines preferable based on different values—deeply cultural as well as contemporary. There are unique challenges to discussing and framing futures in a setting where massive new building projects emerge from the desert almost overnight, infrastructure and services seen elsewhere as aspirational, get tested and deployed in reality, yet existential risks of climate change and global instability loom. Future timelines are compressed, distant horizons come rushing at you, and the givens one can assume are different when clear markers of progress are frequently placed ahead in major market sectors. The task then, is to balance what’s planned with substantial external uncertainties in a turbulent world, as well as the implications of internal change in a country that has gone from a trading outpost to global hub in less than one adult lifetime."

To learn more, check the Academy link above.