Phase Change

Happy 2016. We've been quiet on the blog recently as we have a number of different external projects running at the same time—no end of year respite at Changeist HQ. 

We will get back to normal blogging service, but one thing we want to draw your attention to is our new publication on Medium, which we've called Phase Change. The purpose of Phase Change is to provide a place where essays and speculations we've published in various places—Medium itself, on Thingclash, here or elsewhere—can have a single home and become more accessible (and more easily transmitted). We've also moved the Backchanneled feature that had been hosted in the lab section of this site to Phase Change as well, and shut down this portion of the Changeist site. 

As a result, you will see some content that has appeared here on Phase Change, but together with great writing from Susan Cox-Smith, Natalie Kane and hopefully other contributors. Much of the content on Phase Change will be new going forward. The idea is to take great conversations had over office tables, on trains, via various backchannels, or just over glasses of wine, and flesh them out on in a single visible location. 

We hope you will follow, enjoy, comment, engage and suggest new topics and ideas. If you would like to collaborate on a piece, let us know.