Coming to a Future Near You

This is just a quick update as everybody's on the road, heading out, or finalizing work at the moment. It's been a busy Winter, becoming a busy Spring. I wing it to Amsterdam tomorrow for a round of upcoming talks and activities, including my third year keynoting the terrific Media Future Week in Hilversum, NL on 21 April, and getting to work with the brilliant young design and media students who gather each year for the event. I'm also hyped as one of my research role models, Genevieve Bell, is also there. Working from the theme of this year's event, I'll be talking about Designing (with) Society, discussing more inclusive ways to frame futures for everyone, not just the powerful. While there, I'll also be talking at the Cross Media Cafe later that day. 

Two days later, I'm speaking at Day 1 of The Next Web in Amsterdam, looking into possible futures of the algorithmic home, extending some themes I've been pursuing for the past year or more. Then, I head back to the US to gear up for the next round of talks in May. If you want to keep track, the Q2 newsletter is where I'll provide a more comprehensive roundup if you like that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Natalie Kane has headed the opposite direction, to New York, where she's speaking about ghost stories and code at Theorizing the Web on Saturday the 18th. If you're there or thereabouts, or piping in the livestream, I commend you to also catch the Friday session on magic, machines and metaphors with Debbie Chachra. 

Lastly, just a quick mention that IED Barcelona is again hosting my two-week summer course on futures and innovation in late July. If you're interested to know more and would enjoy a bit of sun and foresight, registration is still open. 

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