A Peek Into Our Weekly Research Threads

This is just a public service announcement that we've recently rolled out a weekly email that provides a look into our ongoing research scans. Some of you already subscribe to our quarterly updates summing up writing, talks and other projects, but a combination of ongoing requests to get a better look at what we're finding interesting and the availability of a tool that allows us one-touch export of research links from different databases made this new weekly email a no-brainer.

Weeks 1 and 2 are already out, and the email drops on Saturday afternoons CET. Our plan is to provide a light bit of context at the top, updates on any articles, talks or workshops we're involved in, and a dozen or fewer links to interesting articles, papers, presentations or other datapoints that we've found interesting. We'll end with pointers to good things our network of friends and partners are up to. The idea is to keep it light, informative, and coming to you in time for Sunday morning reading, whether that's your day to stop and inhale, or the beginning of your work week.

Feedback is always welcomed. We'll continue both newsletters for a few months and see which one works best—frequent slices, or occasional deep dives.

Sign up here, and please share with people you think might get some value.