Lift14: Sharing Economy Backlash

My talk and the Q&A after at Lift 14 in Geneva was not only a lot of fun, but it generated a lot of conversation around the politics of sharing, bottom-up vs top-down economies, and the future of consumption and sociality. Thanks to all who commented (or went off-piste about new business modelsreal-time, added thoughts afterwards, or caught me at Lift or on the street to chat about it. There is also a Storify recap of it here, which Bruce Sterling was kind enough to cover in WIRED here

As promised, I'm providing a link to the slides, as well as supporting material and links of interest:

Some pieces I've written previously:

On aspects of the sharing economy:

People to follow on Twitter for more discussion on aspects of the sharing economy, social dynamics and services:

All feedback and additional links or sources welcomed. Thanks again to the Lift crew for the invitation and another great event.

Also, a recap of my trip to the Large Hadron Collider after Lift is here, if you're interested in science.