Political Holograms

Image: Flickr /     Banannas

Image: Flickr /  Banannas

I've just written a new piece Quartz about politicians using holograms to make public appearances, the latest being Turkish prime minister Erdogan at a rally this week in that country. As bizarre as it sounds, he's not the first to do it—India's Narendra Modi is an old hand at it. Even though it's being used for a little political shock and awe in these cases, it's a trick that is sure to eventually become mainstream.

And yet, even as it does, holograms are a technology that might also see some provocative uses.  More interesting scenarios might involve less officially sanctioned applications. Imprisoned by the opposition? No worries. Why not send an avatar to rally the faithful in the public square? Not around to fight the good fight any more, but your spirit lives on? Don’t leave an Internet video farewell or just show up on t-shirts and graffiti, stash a holographic message for true believers.

Next stop, Che Guevara-gram.