On Future Myths

Image: Flickr /  Tony Hall

Image: Flickr / Tony Hall

Waves from my talk on Flat-pack Futures from Media Future Week this past May continue to ripple outward. Robert Bolton of Idea Couture just wrote up a piece for Huffington Post Canada about the mythological aspects of design fiction and "vision" videos from big brands. "The Future (According to Corporations)" goes into some of my talk, and also features bits from a longer interview that will make up a forthcoming profile piece on creativity, innovation and foresight in the December issue of MISC magazine

An excerpt:

‘When I spoke to Scott Smith about the good and the bad of brand visions of the future, he suggested that if socializing the new ideas is these videos’ raison d’ être, then they play a role oddly similar to that of ancient mythologies: “They’re simultaneously calming you, introducing you to something new, showing you what the norms of behaviour are and should be, and also reassuring you that everything will work out well because they’ll improve your lives.” In these ways, they’re much like the magical narratives of religious texts that convey the moral frameworks that tell us how to behave. Like those religious writings with their moral codes, brand visions of the future should be read with a discerningly critical eye.