Summer Update: Monthly Talk and Microresidency


While most people are winding down for a quiet summer break, I've been keeping Europe's train services occupied.  

Lighthouse, where I recently gave the Monthly Talk on futures, worldbuilding and education, have kindly posted the video of the talk. It took place in their temperate underground bunker in an otherwise unusually hot Brighton to a nicely large crowd. Thanks to all of those who came out to listen and ask a lot of important questions (most of which I hope I answered), and most of all to Honor Harger and Lighthouse for the kind invitation and hosting while I was in town. Stay tuned for more from that discussion.

From Brighton, I moved on to Brussels where I spent two days in 'microresidency' at cultural laboratory FoAM, comparing practices, methods and worldviews, and hatching future collaborations. Nik Gaffney summarized our days in a post at the FoAM blog. Thanks to Nik and Maja Kuzmanovic for their time and hospitality. 

I'm in Barcelona at the moment, prepping to lecture in several days of futures-related courses at IED Barcelona as part of their summer program. I'll be taking design and co-creation students through building futures narratives and scenario methods, as well as taking an in-depth look at innovation, principally through bottom-up and sci-fi lenses. I'll also be spending a morning forecasting around emergent subcultures for trends studies students. 

If you're in Barcelona and would like to connect, give a shout. Also, if you would like to spend a day or more exchanging experiences and approaches, more microresidencies are welcomed. I'll be back in the UK in several weeks, and likely to see more rail time before summer's over.