2013 Futures Institute Update


It's nearly summer (at least on the US east coast) and that means the fourth annual installment of the Duke TIP Futures Institute is near—coming in just over a month. The FI blends the best of atemporality, futures tools, summer camp, design charettes, deep discussions, movie night, and serious worldbuilding into two weeks of intensity. Past years have been amazing, and this one promises to exceed them. Last year's course was recently mentioned in a NESTA paper on strategic foresight, which is gratifying.

2013 will also bring something different in terms of team, as well as some continuity with previous years. Leading the line will be a member of last year's instructional team, Justin Pickard, who will bring his TIP stripes earned in back-to-back sessions last summer, as well as fresh views from the weird horizons of the future, science, technology and society with his independent work, as an associate at good friends Superflux, and the STEPS Centre at University of Sussex. Joining him will be Zan Chandler, a graduate of OCAD's Strategic Foresight and Innovation program, who brings a valuable breadth of experience across media, technology, arts, public policy, and of course, futures. Rounding out the team, I'm pleased that Hilary Dixon will join as teaching assistant, adding insight into play, fiction, ethnographic practices, and more. 

I'll be taking an advisory role, having worked with the team to shape this year's course and shape the team. I'll also be visiting at several stages to participate in class discussions. Also advising and participating will be Suzanne Stein, Associate Professor at the SFI program at OCAD, founder of Super Ordinary Lab, a judge for last year's final projects.

One of the things that's great about the fresh faces this time around is that it allows new lenses, experiences and insights to be brought to the fore, while keeping a common thread from year to year. I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold. 

I'm cooking some additional summer projects for which I'll provide more detail on shortly. It's going to be a seriously good summer. Check back soon for more.