Upcoming Talks

Image: Flickr /   bigaila

Image: Flickr / bigaila

Just a quick post on two talks coming up. This coming Wednesday, April 10, I'll be giving a short talk at Arizona State University's School of Sustainability as part of a visit. My talk, titled "Labs for Learning and Making the Future," will look back at the experience of teaching exceptional students for the past three summers at the Duke TIP Futures Institute, what we've learned from immersing young people in futures, innovation and design tools in a lab environment, and what opportunities this interesting combination presents. This will be pretty exciting and if you're in the area, please come by. 

In mid-May, I'll be heading to the Netherlands to join Media Future Week 2013 as a keynote speaker and coach. The topic is still being refined (but it will touch on media and futures, have no doubt), but I'll be staying on after to work with the Dutch design students for which the event is organized each year. As you can see from the first topic, this kind of interaction is exciting for me, and I look forward to supporting the projects that emerge.

If you are coming to either, please drop a line to connect. More info as it becomes available.