FutureEverything: Redesigning the Future

Image: Flickr /   Sami Niemelä

Image: Flickr / Sami Niemelä

The details of my session with Nicolas Nova and Justin Pickard—Redesigning the Future—at the upcoming FutureEverything happening in Manchester, March 21-24, are now live.

This is one of the great parts of the job—taking the kind of conversations, thoughts, deconstructions and debates we have in the background out into the public realm, where we can engage with those with an interest in the topic. 

"The FutureEverything Summit in 2013 will finish with a collection of stories on the future as a cultural artifact, and explain how designers use the future as tool for discussion and prototyping.
A very special session where three important voices present one collaborative talk on the strange, troubled thing we used to call the future; the challenges and shortcomings of foresight as a practice; why we should embrace uncertainty, and the creative relationship that exists today between design and those two old friends of the future, science and fiction.
A new generation of future gazers are using rapid prototyping and media sketches to read and design the future. This is in the spirit of FutureEverything’s own ethos, to bring the future into the present. Independent practitioners and small scale agencies are providing predictions that are uncannily accurate and are introducing new ways to think about, imagine, and create the future for the wider society.
Signing off, the #futr."

Give a shout if you plan to attend—looking forward to seeing everyone.