World Under Glass

Image: Flickr /      maa[G]daa*

Image: Flickr /  maa[G]daa*

My lastest piece for Quartz (and my first as a regular—woohoo!) is a slightly darkish look at what we know about Glass, Google's pared-down name for its augmented eyeglasses, and what sort of oddities we might expect now ownership of Glass has been opened up to a limited group of 1,500 humans in the wild. The company is accepting applications for creative uses via Twitter, with the accompanying hashtag #ifihadglass

I expect the outcomes—if not in this limited distribution then when Glass is available for public use—will be far more interesting and innovative than the Kodak moments Google shops in its promotional video, or that we can even guess at. And that's the beauty of technology today: once it escapes the lab, it can morph into strange, shocking and wonderful forms and uses. We just need to be prepared for the jolt that ensues.