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Some conferences provide a little mental stimulation, others some networking. A few really compel you to return to see how they will build on their success. Since my first experience with it in 2007, I've found Lift achieves all of these in large amounts. More than anything, Lift has been an actual community in an age where many events promise this.

I've found Lift to be a culture more than anything. I've met some great friends and peers there, continued to work with more than a few, and made others thanks to the reach of the Lift network, even when I haven't been able to attend in person. I've eaten more than my share of the infamous Lift fondue, and even found myself up a mountain with some unexpected fellow travelers.

I'm incredibly pleased to be asked to come back to the stage to speak at the upcoming Lift 2014. Having run a workshop in 2007 and given a mainstage talk in 2008, I appreciate the value of the invitation to return. And I'm really looking forward to the buzz. I'll be talking about the future of openness and sharing in an future where these values are being heavily co-opted and even subverted. 

Lift 14 is barely 8 weeks away, and registration is open. If you haven't been, I recommend it. If you have and will be back, I'm looking forward to seeing you.