A Shipping Forecast for the Future

Image: Flickr /  Ricardo Reis

Image: Flickr / Ricardo Reis

My friends over at Superflux were gracious enough to request a guest post from me this month, and I obliged with a piece titled "Sailing the Seas of Superdensity" built around a theme they and I have discussed often in the past few years, "superdense" futures in the present. This essay explores the need for a common system or syntax for describing the ambient sense of the futures we share, and how to better describe the characteristics of the forces that shape these futures on an ongoing basis. I picked a weather metaphor, the shipping forecast because of its simplicity, yet its dense payload of insight about conditions to come.  

Thanks again to Superflux, and also to all who have providing feedback or raised your hands to take on my modest proposal. Hopefully we'll be talking more about it in the near term