Exploring Future Horizons in Money and Tech

At the end of September, I had the opportunity to once again join the Innotribe team at global financial network SWIFT, this time in Toronto at the annual Sibos financial technology congress. Over four days, the Innotribe team explored the convergence of money, technology, and social trends in sessions covering topics such as social data, big data, digital identity, corporate culture, new economies, and through a new program called Banks for a Better World

The Innotribe team was joined by the likes of Stowe Boyd, Jerry Michalski, Craig Burton, Doc Searls, and dozens of others, guiding the discussion around the path forward for banks, punctuated by deep dives into the major topics. You can view Sibos TV to see more about Innotribe and to get a view of the Digital Identity experience session we helped design. The Innotribe segment picks up around the 31:00 mark. 

You can also view images from the event on Flickr here