From Liking to Doing

Friend of Changeist Venessa Miemis and her partners have started releasing video clips from their new Future of Facebook project which we talked about this winter as it was starting to brew. In the first set of clips from thinkers such as Douglas Rushkoff and Kevin Kelly, one common note seems to emerge around what Facebook does next—how it engages its nearly three-quarters of a billion users to do more than spend time online peering into each other's lives. What do you do when you've amassed this many people, beyond adding "me too" location and deal-sharing features? 

One of the questions I chose to focus on is, what happens with Facebook as infrastructure? Forget the pages, pokes and features, and think about the network mapped over our giant collective social graph. How does it move with the evolving digital economy? In the clips below, I talked about two ideas: getting off the Web and into the real world, extending itself as an economic conduit, and also becoming part of an emerging botttom-up economy.

While we share likes of "The Wire," Lady Gaga and Manchester United now, could we share creations, ideas, instruction sets in the near future? If Facebook wants to become the next-generation infrasructure for social currency, part of that currency is creation—making and doing. Think of the Visa network, or Xbox Live, but perhaps for grassroots creativity. It's a thought experiment of sorts, taking the road less discussed, diverting from the well-trodden content and apps "fork" to the ideas and objects path.

Thoughts and polite provocations welcomed. Personally, I'm looking forward to more of the videos. Stay tuned to the project's YouTube channel for more. The rest of my clips from the hour-long interview can be found here.