Innovation Scouting: Announcing a New Report and Focus Area

Alongside our global insights work, Changeist has recently launched what we call Innovation Scouting. This mixture of expert panels and science and technology-focused horizon scanning helps identify emerging hotspots for disruptive innovation—opportunity spaces between emerging consumer behaviors and new technologies.

With our Innovation Scouting toolset, we get into the early-stage development thinking of organizations who themselves are reading the landscape, uncovering major trends and weak signals that entrepreneurs, designers, R&D groups, academic institutions, and strategic insights teams are sensing and prototyping around. We call out the drivers behind innovation, important hotspots created by these drivers, and potentially disruptive innovations that could alter the development and competitive landscapes.

Our first Innovation Scouting report results from research conducted around the convergence of consumer electronics and healthcare (to download, see link below). As the report says, our objectives were twofold: to better understand what factors are influencing how this market evolves, and to help our clients focus and sharpen their foresight, strategic planning and innovation approaches as they look to this increasingly important market. We also performed this work to identify which trends to continue exploring with deeper research dives as we follow the evolution of consumer health in the near future.

If you are interested in finding out more about Changeist's Innovation Scouting capabilities or want to request a custom Innovation Scouting study in the market of interest to your organization, contact us here or via the contact channels listed in the brief.

Download Understanding Trends in Consumer Health Device Design: Innovation Hotspots (412k PDF).