Science, Technology and Human Evolution

Are you Tony Stark in a chrome suit or an oil-leaking District 9 battlebot? A few weeks back, I joined Frank Spencer of KedgeForward for a fun mini-panel discussion (really a tag team talk) at Geekend 2010 in Savannah, GA on the loose topic of "The New Human: Technology, Social Innovation and Intentional Evolution" where I put up these two options regarding our images of our evolved, tech-equipped future selves.

In this 50 minute talk, we managed to tag just about every topic under the sun, from the role of futures in design to data, openness, design fiction, superheroes, biotechnology, location services and pop culture. As it was Geekend, it was a good opportunity to let our inner geeks out for a short time. The full audio of the session is now available, below. Slides can be found here.

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