Play-Enhancing Vitamins

Not a day after writing about the impact of video games on society's future cognitive abilities we find that a German company is marketing a multivitamin for gamers. The product, FpsBrain, provides its users with a mixed dose of B vitamins, caffeine and amino acids, just a taurine and a glucuronolactone away from a can of Red Bull.

This product is completely in step with today's performance-enhancement zeitgeist, and is just a logical next stop along the road of specialized multivitamins for different age groups. Why not activity-centered supplements for pursuits other than athletics? Is there a businessperson's gummi vitamin for bright ideas at the right moment, or perhaps a neurosurgeon's "stinger" to stay sharp during brain surgery in the near future?

Forget human growth hormone. Perhaps the next big thing is fast-twitch muscle implants.