Management Team


Scott Smith — Managing Partner

As founder and managing partner of Changeist since 2007, Scott points the way for the team's research, and manages partnerships and strategic direction for the group. 

His work focuses on guiding large organisations toward better futures by blending foresight, narrative design, and strategic thinking to uncover critical trends and insights, create future roadmaps, bring new visions to life, and align strategy with action in complex environments.

Scott has worked with global institutions, including SWIFT, UNICEF, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the European Commission, The Royal Society, and the Dubai Future Foundation. Scott has also led engagements with some of the largest and most respected global financial, retail, telecoms, technology and media brands, such as the BBC, The New York Times, ASOS, and Comcast. He has designed and delivered futures projects, talks and workshops in over a dozen countries and facilitated projects and workshops multiple languages.

Scott also heads the Strategic Foresight programme for Dubai Future Academy, and lectures in the Innovation & Future Thinking programme at IED Barcelona, a course he helped create. He has written for The Atlantic, Quartz, The Next Web, WIRED UK, How We Get to Next, Medium, The Long View, and HOLO 2, and spoken at major events as diverse as The Next Web, Lift, Helsinki's Flow Festival, South Australia's Open State, EPIC, SxSW, Sibos, FutureEverything, PRIMER EU, NEXT14, 15 and 19, and me Convention. 

He has more than 25 years’ experience in forecasting, and has lived in three countries over that time. He is currently based in Amsterdam, where his spare time is currently devoted to developing several fiction and documentary projects. He is currently writing a book about the practice of futuring to be published in 2020, and co-hosts the Underfutures podcast.

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Susan Cox-Smith — Partner, Executive Producer

Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a writer, designer, creative director, interactive producer and researcher Susan seeks to enrich public engagement with possible futures.

In addition to client work, she has written for Medium, How We Get to Next, The Next Web and other publications. She has presented workshops at A/D/O in Brooklyn, Sibos in Geneva, ThingsCon Amsterdam and UXLondon, teaches at the Dubai Future Academy, and has facilitated How to Future modules in the UK, Dubai and Malta. She also speaks at various events, most recently, Fiber Festival in Amsterdam.

In her spare time, Susan supports the University of Leiden’s respected online learning lab courses, as a consultant, community coordinator and mentor.

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Changeist works with a dedicated network of talented writers, designers, facilitators, and researchers. Our frequent collaborators include:


Madeline Ashby

Madeline Ashby is a futurist and science fiction writer based in Toronto, Canada. Alongside supporting Changeist projects. She has worked with organizations like the Institute for the Future, SciFutures, Nesta, Data & Society, the Atlantic Council, Strategic Innovation Lab, and others. She has conducted workshops with groups like Engineers Without Borders Canada, United Way Canada, and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

She also lectures on science fiction and design thinking at OCAD University in Toronto, where she graduated with a Masters of Design from the Strategic Foresight & Innovation programme, and in creativity and collaboration at Ryerson University. Madeline is also a guest lecturer in the Designing the Future programme at the Dubai Future Academy.

She is also the author of the Machine Dynasty series, and the novel Company Town from Tor Books, which was runner up for the Canada Reads prize in 2017. Her fiction has been translated into Japanese and German. 

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Lily Higgins

Lily is a future-oriented designer of processes, strategies, methods, and experiences. Her current work and practice is informed by her recent thesis, "Future Flex: A Play-Based Approach to Organizational Change in the Age of Uncertainty" which was nominated for Willem de Kooning Academy's Bachelor Research Prize 2017. Her background as a visual artist and subsequent degree in Lifestyle Design with a specialization in the theory of play gives her a niche perspective on the topics of futures, organizational change, and the next generation of design thinking.

Lily currently collaborates with Zeewaardig Service Design as a Designer of Change, Playspace Studio as a Play-Thinker, and supports Changeist projects as the newest and youngest member of the futurist team. She has previously worked with BioScope Outreach Lab in Geneva, Sociedade Global in Curitiba, Brazil, and various creative studios in the US and the Netherlands. She is fascinated by new narratives, interconnectedness, change, and 'the why'.

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