Changeist can design and facilitate a range of foresight, strategy and design workshops—backed by experience designing and delivering dozens of workshops and courses for a spectrum of subjects and audiences over the years, with some of the world's largest brands, organizations and non-profits. 


Thingclash — Sibos, Geneva 2016. 

This interactive workshop is designed to familiarise the audience with the concept of "Thingclash": when things on the Internet of Things (IoT) start to clash because they have not been designed to work together. The facilitators will both introduce a critical mode of thinking about the interactions between people, systems and the IoT.

We create tools and activities (such as our Thingclash toolkit) to help multidisciplinary teams think through the impacts of emerging technologies, uncover unforeseen and unexpected implications and frictions, and develop strong, more empathetic stories of possible futures.

Fast Futures Prototyping

This fast-moving ideation/prototyping workshop format starts with a quick dive into macrotrends specific to a product, service or segment, followed by rapid fire trend/idea generation. Working in teams, we quickly combine these into provocative, or even a bit strange, near future concepts to get forecasting, design, innovation or strategy groups thinking differently about possibilities. Custom preliminary research can be added to this to provide an open library of insights for use after the workshop.

Future Signals Workshop/Walkshop

We can design workshops that take teams into the field to find signals of possible futures in the environment around us—in products, behaviors and social interactions, the built environment and more. Borrowing from ethnographic methods, observational techniques and semiotics research, we show you how to change your way of looking at the world around you, pick out signals, describe them and break down what they suggest as possible futures.


We run both traditional (2x2) and non-traditional scenario development workshops, moving from initial horizon scanning through to scenario development and narratives, implications and strategy. These are often faster moving that standard scenario workshops, and can be designed around many different topics and fields of exploration.

Scenario workshop with Tellart, UAE Museum of the Future 2016

Scenario workshop with Tellart, UAE Museum of the Future 2016


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