Image: Olivia Kwok / FutureEverything

Image: Olivia Kwok / FutureEverything

Throughout the year, we speak at major conferences and private business events alike, provoking debate and discussion through keynotes, participating in expert networks, designing and running workshops, advising in private strategy sessions, engaging in controversial panels and even doing standup informal talks on a wide range of topics. In recent years we've given talks or chaired panels at Next (14, 15), Lift (07, 08, 14, Basel), Improving Reality, Media Convention/re:publica Berlin, FutureEverything (13, 14, 15, FutureEverything Singapore), Media Future Week (14, 15, 16 and 17), Emerce Eday, SxSW Interactive, Atlantic Council Energy Summit, Sibos, The Next Web Europe, Theorizing the Web, Open State, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, and more.

Industry Talks: 


  • Future Mobility — How our world will change as mobility undergoes a radical transformation in the next decade.
  • Future of Industry – How industries of the future will be smaller, distributed, more powerful, and organic.
  • Superstructure —  The coming age of super-services—from autonomous vehicles to hyperloops to consumer space travel — could deliver us a new phase of super-infrastructure and services we haven’t yet imagined, but also both mega-opportunities and mega-challenges.  

Future Talks: 

  • Telling Stories About the Future — Why stories, artefacts and experiences are the new way to draw people to rich stories about possible futures. 
  • Utopias and Dystopias — Why we are so obsessed with these extreme visions of the future, and why neither is helpful in imagining better futures for society.
  • How to Deal with Uncertainty — Banks, politicians, and regular people have all failed to grasp these uncertain times and manage through them. How we think about uncertainty is broken.
  • How to Future — How to spot and avoid one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged futures, and give people the tools to map and create their own. See our How to Future project for more.

Also, you can see recent project and research examples for additional topics for speaking engagements. 


If you have a speaking opportunity for which you would like to engage a member of Changeist, contact Susan Cox-Smith on +31 6 5265 2000 or email via To facilitate requests, please provide information on:

- Event and audience profile

- Speaking and travel budget

- Technical needs (if known)

- Any special event requirements

Media Future Week 2017, Hilversum, NL | Dark Patterns in Futures


Internet Age Media, Barcelona, April 2016 | On Rethinking Futures


At CCCB in Barcelona | On futures, climate change and innovation. 


Media Future Week 2016, Hilversum, NL | On AI, media and activism.


FutureEverything Singapore — October 2015 | On making friction in smart cities.


Next 15, Hamburg — September 2015 | On big data in next generation retail.


Thingscon 15 Keynote — Berlin, May 2015 | On friction, human needs and the IoT.


The Next Web Europe 2015, Amsterdam | On self-generating media.


Media Future Week 15 — Hilversum, NL | On design and the future.


What's Next for Memory and Identity — FutureEverything 15, Manchester, March 2015


Thingscon, Amsterdam, November 2014 | On emotion and the Internet of Things.


Next Berlin, May 2014 | On the future of data and retail.


 Media Convention Berlin 2014 | On data-driven media.


Chairing The Secret Lives of Systems and Services — FutureEverything 2014, Manchester, UK, March 2014. 


Lift14 in Geneva, Switzerland, February 2014 | On the consequences of the sharing economy.


Keynote for Media Future Week 13 in Almere, Netherlands, May 2013 | On flat-pack futures.

Covered on and Boing Boing


FutureEverything 2013 Closing Keynote, Manchester, UK, February 2013 | On weird futures.


Informal Economies, Barcelona, Spain, October 2012 | On bottom-up technology, innovation and disruption.

Recent and upcoming speaking events: