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How to Future

How To Future is a project designed to open up the futuring toolkit to a wider audience. With workshops and new tools, How to Future teaches ways to build team and institutional capacity to better understand and design preferred futures—whether for innovation, strategy, in education, policy development, or simply to build better skills for making preferred futures happen. We help build more resilient, future-facing organisations.


The Future From

Coming in Spring 2018, The Future From is a podcast series that captures in-depth, wide ranging conversations through interviews with some of the extraordinary creative people we have come across in our work at Changeist. Our conversations are about pulling the threads that hold together these individuals’ perceptions of the future.



Run from 2015-2017, Thingclash was a project that developed tools and activities to help researchers, designers, technologists, strategists, policy makers and others with an interest in the Internet of Things find ways to think more clearly, comprehensively and long-term about how we create a liveable IoT future for all.