Well, there's still a good bit here, too.

Well, there's still a good bit here, too.

Something looks different. No, you're correct. Things have moved around, just a bit. In fact, I've done a bit of extension work, and moved next door.

Let me explain. Something pretty exciting's happened, hence the switchover in sites. For the past five years, I've run Changeist as a research and consulting business, with some interesting extracurricular activities on the side, such as teaching, writing, running more experimental workshops, designing some new tools, and the odd rogue mission (and a BIG THANKS to all of the clients and friends who've made that possible). One main thread running through my work has been the conscious evolution of strategic foresight toward the realm of design—pushing it to integrate into more applied disciplines. In doing this, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some great professionals, and do a lot of work that doesn't show up on Slideshare or in case studies.  

Now, the opportunity has arisen to fully tear the wall down between foresight and design strategy, and form an larger, more fully integrated group with a broader spectrum of tools and approaches, one with a common love of experimentation blended with use of tried-and-tested techniques. And of course, some great people to play with across a wider network, socially and geographically. So I've grabbed it, and we've created a new organization: Platforme.

Platforme starts with two new home bases—New York and London—which our core team will be jumping in between for a while. We'll be helping organizations use foresight, strategy and design tools to explore context, shine a light on opportunities that take shape, act on those opportunities, better understand how well these strategies and actions are working, and learn how to do this all at a deeper cultural level, as common practice. We'll be bringing all we have to share from our own individual experiences, and opening up more frequently about the ideas, approaches and insights that help us do our work. 

But Changeist doesn't go away entirely. It remains as a lab,  with me in residence. It will be here to provide an important place for more of the same—navigation of speculative culture and collaboration on experimental projects—that has enriched my own approach to and understanding of where our understanding of the future is going. OK, it will be more of a lab plus workshop and gardening shed combined. You can still find me at the usual addresses as well as at my new digs. All of the daytime research and consultative work will happen via Platforme. The tinkering will happen here. 

So, check out what we are doing next door, and keep tuned here as well. And don't shy away from sending your feedback, questions or suggestions.

Here we go.