I’m super pleased to announce the instructional team that will be joining me for the upcoming Duke TIP Futures Institute in June. Making up the young, energetic and idea-filled crew—and tri-nations—will be newly San Franciscan Michele Perras, formerly of OCAD and MEIC, now VP of Strategy for Mobile at Klick Health, and London-based Justin Pickard, writer, futurist and Associate at Superflux, with whom I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with design futurescaping in a desert city.  

I’m very excited to be working with these folks to build an ambitious course, adding deeper dives into innovation, open science, speculative exploration of technology and quite a bit more yet to come. They bring a common interest in building brilliant futures, and bring diverse cultural experiences and a variety of intellectual and instructional kung-fu along with them. 

Welcome aboard the spacecraft, Michele and Justin. More announcements to come!